Monday, October 27

Ian's Managed Identity Services Survey

Ian Yip has posted his Managed Identity Services survey results. Good stuff. Thanks Ian!

I would've identified the top two benefits of a managed solution as:
  • Lower Cost
  • Fewer Skills/Knowledge Required
    (Hiring, Training, Employee Turnover, etc.)
The respondents confirmed those, but reversed the order. To them, the fact that a managed solution eliminates the need to find and keep people with the right knowledge/skills is more important than the fact that a managed solution costs less. (That's my own analysis of question 13 after combining a few of the answers.)

Another interesting point is from question 12 - biggest barrier to outsourcing IdM. If you take away the top two concerns by leaving infrastructure and data on-site and limiting external access to sensitive data, the top concern is cost - which was also identified as one of the top benefits. So is there confusion about whether outsourcing cost more or less? Or is it listed as a barrier to changing the way things are done today (as in, I need to find budget)?

Check out the results for yourself to do more digging.

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