Thursday, October 23

Effects of the Economy on InfoSec

Should we start talking about how the economy will affect IT and Info-Security? Spending has slowed for many of the people that I've talked to. I don't think things are dyer quite yet as software companies are still hiring for pre-sales help. But, customer budgets have gotten smaller. And some are predicting that cost-cutting solutions will likely be king.

But how do organizations reconcile the need for security with cost-cutting? Security solutions are not always about cutting obvious costs. There's often a focus on reducing the potential cost of a breach or failed audit. What about operational costs?

Perhaps now is the time for service-based solutions? Identity-as-a-Service or Audit-as-a-Service? There's a pretty clear argument that allowing someone else to manage a complex infrastructure will save cost vs. trying to build expertise and manage it yourself. ...more on this very soon. But, what do you all think? Should we be buying the duct tape and plastic sheets to brace for a coming storm? How has this economy affected IT security buying decisions?

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