Tuesday, September 16

Building a Central Identity Store

The folks at SECUDE Consulting, who are SAP ERM specialists, have an identity practice that focuses on (among other things) SAP NetWeaver Identity Management solutions (the former MaXware products). Matt P, part of SECUDE's IAM team, recently authored a white paper titled Strategies for Creating an Authoritative Store.

If you are building a provisioning system, deploying SAP NetWeaver Identity Management, or designing an enterprise identity store, you should review this paper. Matt discusses terminology like source repositories and target systems, discusses data join techniques, and introduces the concept of layering. The paper provides an overall road map for designing an enterprise identity store, which can be a critical component of a provisioning solution.

You can get a copy via the links or contact info in Matt's blog post about the paper.

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Matt Pollicove said...

Thanks, Matt. I'd be interested in discussing aspects of the paper on your blog or the SECUDE Global Consulting blog, http://sgciam.wordpress.com