Friday, September 12

Two Cool Security Technologies

Today, I came across this review of two very cool technologies working together. I unfortunately gave away my MXI USB device when I left RSA. I thought someone else at RSA might want to use it to help sell MXI's solution (which is why the folks at MXI gave it to me in the first place). So, I did the right thing. But if anyone at MXI wants to send me another, I'm available to receive it. It's biometric, encrypted, storage, RSA token, private browsing, and portable.

I haven't personally experimented with MojoPac, but I have played around with Moka5, which is similar. I setup the 2GB SanDisk USB device that was included in the participant package at the 2008 RSA Conference with a fully functional Linux desktop environment. Now, I just plug it in wherever I am and I have an office suite, browser, graphics editor, etc. in a secure and portable package.

Good stuff.

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