Tuesday, November 25

Managed Service for AD Monitoring

The engineers at NetVision were incredible visionaries back in 1995 when they built some of the first identity management tools (for Novell-Microsoft sync) and identity audit tools. (check out their site from 1999) Their directory knowledge is unparalleled and now, that spirit of leadership is alive again.

NetVision recently brought to market the industry's first managed service offering for monitoring and reporting of identity & access information on core network directory platforms (Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory) and their related file systems.

We have effectively removed all the typical obstacles - software, hardware, configuration, setup, maintenance, etc.. The solution is delivered via an appliance allowing us to handle the heavy lifting (while the data stays close to home):
  • WE do the configuration to match your environment
  • WE install, configure and lock down the OS
  • WE install and configure the supporting software (database, report engine)
  • WE install and configure the solution, including setup of policies, reports, and customizations
  • WE handle all of the patch management and upgrades
  • WE monitor the system for performance
  • WE provide policy and report updates when needed
The only thing left for our customers to do is to enjoy the critical data that they wouldn't get anywhere else (and the extra time they now have on their hands).

Please say hello to SIMON.

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