Friday, July 22

Introducing FishEye Group

Two weeks ago, I updated and re-announced my Identity Management list and since then I've added a dozen or so more entries. Among the new ones, I had the pleasure to add a newcomer to the Identity Management space. My good friend and long time colleague Kishan Malineni has finally incorporated on his own and will bring his talents to the identity industry as FishEye Group. Full disclosure: He asked if I would assist with business strategy and I accepted an unpaid position on the board. And I'm excited to help.

If you don't know Kishan, it's because he hasn't spent much time blogging, tweeting, or hitting the conference circuit. He has spent 50+ hours a week for the past decade hands-on actually building identity management solutions (and winning the hearts of CIOs and project sponsors). Everybody that has worked with him has positive things to say about his technical skills, integrity, work ethic, and positive attitude. Most recently, he has earned an excellent reputation as one of the industry's leading integrators of Oracle's OIM 11g. In a previous role, he developed the first real-world implementation in the higher education vertical (possibly globally) of Oracle Identity Manager 11g. He also developed the industry's first set of cloud connectors for OIM.

FishEye Group has hit the ground running with it's first project already underway and is in the process of putting partnerships in place and placing a number of additional projects on the calendar.

If you're looking for assistance with OIM 11g, product evaluations, identity management strategy, or other identity-related services, please give Kishan a shout and hear what he has to say. His pragmatic approach and enthusiasm for the technology will no doubt win you over.

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