Thursday, July 7

THE Identity Management List

After a few years of neglect, I finally updated my Identity and Access Management list. I added a few vendors who weren't around 2-3 years ago, removed some who have since disappeared, and moved others under their new parent companies.

I'm sure there's a bunch missing and I can't do it all myself. If you're in the identity management space, please take a look and make sure you're represented. There's a contact link if you'd like to request an update. And thanks to those who have already submitted over the past few years!!


I've found it convenient for my own personal use over the years to have this list all in one place. I've also gotten notes from others saying the same. And if you've been in identity space for a while, it might be fun just to see where all those early companies ended up.

It Looks Weird.

I plan to improve the look and feel at some point, but right now I'm just trying to get the data right. I'd like to tag companies by capability and provide a more interactive UI but I'm not there yet. Bear with me - as you know, it's tough to find the time.

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Web AD Expert said...

Hi Matt - Great list and resource! I would like to get my company added to the list please, Web Active Directory. We provide software as well consulting around Active Directory identity management. Been here since 2004.