Friday, August 29

Digital ID World - Bloggers Unite!

It looks like a number of you Identity bloggers will be at DIDW in Anaheim. Anyone up for a bloggers meet-up? ...maybe just a happy hour somewhere? ...or during one of the exhibit area receptions?

Dave Kearns?
Mark Dixon?
Ian Glazer?
Who else is going?

Let me know by leaving a comment or contact me directly.

[UPDATED 9/4 - details are here]


Pat Patterson said...

I'll be there, with Daniel and Nick.

Ashraf Motiwala said...

I'll be there too. How's monday night at 6AM in front of the main exhibit doors?

Anonymous said...

I'll be there.

Matt Flynn said...

Well, there are already 6 of us. I think that's enough to say let's do it. I wasn't able to find a near-by location off-site, but the exhibit showfloor or Starbucks in the hotel? Monday night? 6pm?

Unknown said...

I'll be there, too!

Anonymous said...

I'll be there too -- Monday 6am works for me!


Mark Dixon said...

Unfortunately, I can't be there until Tuesday late afternoon. Have a great get together. Hope to run into you Tuesday evening or Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I won't be there. Jamie, Gerry, and Bob (I think) will all be there.


Anonymous said...

I'll be there too! Looking forward to meeting all of you guys - some of you in the real flesh for the first time :-)

Anonymous said...

I'll be there too. Looking forward to it.