Friday, August 22

Criminal Data Loss

Seems like some people just aren't paying attention. Every time I think we've gotten past a point as an industry, someone proves me wrong. I would think by now we wouldn't be carrying very large highly confidential data sets on unencrypted USB sticks.

Can you imagine how the exposed data on 130,000 criminals will be used? I'm sure someone would find a way to monetize a list like that. I can see a few angles:



Dear _____,

Why break into homes and cars when you can steal from the comfort of home?!? Try our latest web site phishing kit and collect credit card information from unsuspecting shoppers. No black ski masks, no up-front discovery work, and no commute!


Or maybe...


ATTN Hiring Manager:

Are you having trouble staffing up for your next big heist? Contact CriminalTemps where we can provide full or part time criminals. 100% no-police guarantee!!

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