Tuesday, July 3

My daughter is on the cover of Wired

...at least she is on my copy of Wired. They ran a promotion a couple of months back stating that if I send them a photo, it'll appear on my copy of the July issue. This type of personalization is a small example of what happens when we have identity figured out. Some of what we do (identity management) is about security -- and we tend to get caught up in that part of it. At least I do. The other part that we need to keep in mind is the enablement that comes with strong identity controls. If you have control over the identities in your systems, you can leverage that control to create opportunities that didn't exist before. Wired found a way to make its point about the hyperlocal, totally personal geoweb by sending me an ultra-localized version of their magazine. So local in fact, it's just for me. And as a proud dad, I couldn't wait to dive into this month's issue. It's a win for Wired, its advertisers and its customer (me). Think about what the right identity management solution can enable your business to do!

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