Wednesday, July 18

Boeing Data Theft: NetVision Use Case

An Information Week article titled Boeing Employee Charged With Stealing 320,000 Sensitive Files discusses a massive data breach by a Boeing insider. It's another illustration of the fact that the biggest threats for organizations are insiders. The perpetrator (Gerald Lee Eastman) was ready to share Boeing's sensitive information which could cost Boeing as much as $15 billion in damages.

This type of attack is a good use case for NetVision file system monitoring (part of our NVMonitor product). The article explains that Eastman had to exploit a weakness in Boeing's computer system to access the stolen files. Over the course of two years, he methodically searched the Boeing systems looking for unprotected file shares and was routinely denied access to many. As he searched for files and found ways around the file system security mechanisms, NetVision file system monitoring could have caught the behavior and alerted security officers with each attempt. ...nipping this issue in the bud two years ago when it began.

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