Tuesday, April 27

TEC 2010: A few more notes

The Experts Conference is living up to its name. The hallway and lunch conversations are extremely technical - the right approach to move an Exchange mailbox or how to best create a stored procedure that captures some set of information beyond what the native system will do.

A few of the folks I spoke with:

- The DOT NET Factory has a user management (provisioning) solution based on Active Directory. It provides full, highly extensible work flow with full audit trails of all changes. Some customers choose to shut down all access to Active Directory

- Dimension Data is perhaps the largest company you've never heard of. The more than 11,000 employees of this $4 Billion IT services firm serve the world's largest multi-national firms. Through tight partnerships with Microsoft, Cisco, Quest, and others, they're uniquely positioned to provide integration services between those companies' products throughout Africa, EMEA, and now North America as well.

- Optimal IdM and Radiant Logic both report that the experts in the crowd are starting to finally understand the value of virtual directories. A few years ago, the conversations around virtual directories were largely educational - What is it? and Why should I care? Now, the conversations have shifted to practical implementation ideas.

btw, I overheard an interesting customer story on OptimalIdM. An organization who already had licenses for a a well-known Virtual Directory (because it was included in a larger suite) chose to work with OptimalIdM's solution because it provided point-and-click simplicity for object joins whereas the other solution required significant Java and Python code to achieve the same task. It's a nice real-world David & Goliath story.

- Rackspace is here educating people on how to deploy Sharepoint and other applications in the cloud. As with most technology conferences these days, there's a lot of discussion here about the cloud. Rackspace is clearly positioned as a leading cloud service provider. I use Rackspace for personal home file storage through its JungleDisk, which is a very cool solution.

- I also had a conversation with a principal consultant at CSS Security who clearly had a firm understanding of FIM 2010 and how to implement. They're based in Cleveland but serve the entire U.S.

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