Thursday, March 12

Sara: I’m sort of a hero

In addition to keeping up with general topics, there are a number of specific blogs that I try to stay on top of. One is CSI's Security Provoked. where Sara Peters just posted two entertaining stories about how her work in security has left her less secure. I can relate.

Last night, I wasted four hours manually removing a virus that I pretty much knew would come back, but I had to try just to see if I could identify the how-to. (Kudos to Microsoft for XP's restore feature building a restore point without me having to enable it.)

If you've ever purposely went to a phishing site or intentionally opened an email attachment that you knew was malicious, you might want to give it a read. And next time it goes bad, just remind yourself that you're sort of a hero.

...and good job Kristen pushing Sara to deliver the goods!

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