Thursday, May 22

PCI Compliance and Network Segmentation

I spoke at a CSO Executive Seminar on PCI Compliance in January. During my talk, I put up a slide showing a PCI reference architecture and went through many of the various security components that could help lock down an infrastructure and mapped each to the related PCI requirements. I covered topics like authentication, access control, IDS/IPS, anti-virus, encryption, key management, policy management, change management, rights audit, user monitoring, and a few others.

Before I began with that slide, I gave a disclaimer that there are a few key techniques that I would not include in the reference. One was network segmentation. I hadn't heard others mention it before in reference to PCI, but as I was thinking about my talk and building the reference architecture, it occurred to me that segmentation would be a really useful way to reduce risk in an environment where credit cards are accepted. So, I mentioned it in passing as something that companies should think about in addition to what I had on the screen.

Today, I read this article, by Stephen Cobb, in which he discusses PCI compliance and pays specific attention to the topic of network segmentation. I thought it would be a nice supplement to my talk back in January. In retrospect, I might have spent a bit more time on that topic, but I really tried to cover a ton in a short time. So, if anyone from that audience is reading this... Or if you're looking to improve your security or your PCI compliance posture...

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