Thursday, December 13

NetVision Webinar: Surviving an Identity Audit

On Tuesday of next week (Dec. 18th) at 1PM EST, NetVision is presenting a webinar on Surviving an Identity Audit. The content is loosely based on our whitepaper of the same title.

You can sign up or get more information at the NetVision Events page. If you attend, we will help you to:

1. Understand the Business Drivers for Identity Audit

  • Compliance: Government, Industry, Internal
  • Organizational Risk: Unintentional, Malicious, Opportunistic

2. Manage the Identity Audit Project Lifecycle

  • Create policies that minimize effort across multiple regulations or best-practice frameworks
  • Implement automated controls
  • Audit identity controls, user behavior, and user empowerment

3. Create a Culture of Compliance

  • Build a multi-regulatory approach to minimize effort and streamline the audit process
  • Leverage tools that automate audit reporting
  • Utilize a continuous audit model

Look forward to seeing you there!

- A condensed version of this webinar has been provided at the NetVision web site.

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