Tuesday, May 15

SAP acquires MaXware

There are some readers of this blog who read based on their interest in MaXware and MaXware's identity management products. Well, if you haven't seen it anywhere else, MaXware is now part of SAP. Congrats to all those who worked hard to make MaXware an attractive purchase for a successful company like SAP! I suppose it's too early to speculate on the future of MaXware's products, but... I don't know SAP as a company that would bring to market a stand-alone utility product like a virtual directory or metadirectory. I'm sure however that MaXware's products will compliment SAP's core product architecture. This may be good news for Radiant Logic, Symlabs and other virtual directory vendors who may begin to see less of MaXware in customer product comparisons. On the other hand, if SAP decides to throw their weight behind MaXware's products as stand-alone offerings in the IAM space, I wouldn't want to be the competition.

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