Tuesday, August 1

MaXware Data Synchronization Engine Lite

About two months ago, MaXware announced a free product to the market for a limited time. We've gotten a very positive response and extended the available download window. Here's what you can do with it:

Synchronize Active Directory with Sun Directory Server, IBM Tivoli Directory Server, Oracle Internet Directory, Oracle Database, SQL Server, MySQL, PostGreSQL, ASCII, LDIF, DSML, etc.


  • Maintain an audit trail of all changes at an attribute level.
  • Error handling via SNMP, Windows Event Log, email alerts and custom scripting.
  • Perform schema mapping, attribute transformation and construction.
  • Leverage an extensive built-in script library using your choice of VBScript, Javascript or Perl.

We're hoping you love it so much, you'll turn to us when your needs grow. That's it. No catch. This is a free production server license for one-to-one data synchronization with no expiration.

More info on MaxWare DSE Lite and how to get a copy >>

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