Tuesday, February 17

Blog Housekeeping

Just a few housekeeping items:

- I continue to find and add new members to my blogroll. My criteria is that they should consistenly write content relevant to my audience, generally maintain a positive attitude (no bashing), and have something worthwhile to say.

- I didn't recently shorten my blogroll, but to clean things up, I now only show the 10 most recent postings. You can click "more" to see the entire list.

- Members of my blogroll are also searchable via the SEARCH box under the my content area in the upper right area. For example, try searching for "virtual directory cache". The first results you'll see are a collection of my related content from blog, twitter, flickr, etc. Next, select the Network tab and you'll get results from everyone in my network (my blogroll).

- You can also search across the entire list of the Security Bloggers Network by using the SBN badge on the right. The SBN boasts the brightest minds in the industry. It's not Identity focused, but covers all aspects of information security.

- I'm no longer doing any advertising on this site. I tried a few things in the past, but found it intrusive and not worthwhile. I may choose to use a small space for highly relevant ads in the future, but I will hand-select something that will be relevant to my audience (no adwords or auto-generated-content ads).

- I recently started a NetVision blog. This site will be the home for NetVision-specific posts. It will take some of that content away from here, but many of you might see that as a good thing. I'll provide pointers when I think it makes sense.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have suggestions for me.

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