Thursday, February 7

Compliance as a Service – The new frontier

Mark Macauley thinks CaaS - Compliance as a Service may be the new frontier. I like the concept. It seems to me that organizations are struggling with how to attack compliance issues. Fortune 500's with a compliance officer and a separate internal audit staff are probably able to come up with a methodology and processes for dealing with compliance. But, it's not easy. Or cheap. Smaller organizations especially don't have the resources to put people full time on figuring out compliance. I think there are definitely organizations out there that would love to have a third party who is willing to be an expert and own compliance for them. To understand which questions need to be answered and how to get the answers. And in the process of making life easier, reduce cost as well. Sounds good Mark.

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Anonymous said...

Matt, I think you and Mark a slightly off the mark, so to speak. Compliance as Mark described it cannot be delivered as a service. Your point about a 3rd party owning compliance for an organization, especially a smaller one, is right on target. See either Tuesday Night or Audit Trail.