Wednesday, January 16

A couple of quick things

A quick tactical point:

Thanks Mark for pointing out NetVision's ability to police the IDM environment. Specifically, Mark mentions the combination of NetVision with Novell's ZENworks Endpoint Security Management. I also wanted to point out that we already have customers who have deployed and are excited about our ability to add value to Novell Sentinel as well. Sentinel does security event monitoring and logging. NetVision adds value by providing advanced filtering capabilities for eDirectory events at the event collection side. So, the database doesn't fill up with unwanted or unneeded information. And by filtering it on the way in, we simplify the reporting process as well by organizing data in your terms according to your policies.

Also, if you're in LA tomorrow, stop by the CSO PCI Compliance Seminar. I'll be presenting a high level PCI compliance reference architecture and drilling down on policy management, encryption and key management, and the role of identity audit in PCI compliance.

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