Friday, December 7

Managed Identity Management Services

Identropy has brought to life a long overdue idea in presenting their managed service for identity management. As Corbin Links pointed out, it takes a significant skill set for companies to plan, deploy, and manage an identity management infrastructure. It's not always easy to find the right talent for any given project. And there are pitfalls in most identity management projects as Mark Dixon advises in his list of project success factors.

Identropy isn't the first to offer a managed service for identity -- I know Oracle/WiPro and probably others have tried it. But, Identropy is the first I've seen from a smaller services organization. In the services world, smaller generally means quick, flexible, and ready to respond to market needs and changes.

Forrester says we're ready for managed Identity services. They're betting on Mycroft-Talisen to successfully offer a managed service for identity. I don't know if they've brought it to market yet, but the combination of Mycroft and Talisen has the talent to make it happen.

Anybody have other experiences with managed/outsourced identity management offerings?

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