Monday, November 19

NetVision Links and Stelogging

I haven't been blogging much lately. I've been busy though. I already mentioned my whiteboard presentation and my recent white paper on Surviving an Identity Audit. We also recently launched a new NetVision web site where we talk more about Policing the Power of Identity and our slick new Reporting Console. You might also be interested in NetVision solutions for Active Directory, PCI-DSS, or ISO 17799 / ISO 27002. You can also sign up for our upcoming webinar
on Identity Audit.


I also found out this week via a Google Alert that someone is stealing and reprinting my blog content for profit. And they're using my RSS feed to do it. I've seen it called a Splog, but this is actually not Splogging (according to Wikipedia) because I'm not doing it to drive up link traffic or SPAM my audience. This is someone else re-purposing my content. Maybe this will be called Stelogging? I generally like to see people including my content in their discussions, but this doesn't feel right. What's worse is that Google helps them out by advertising (via Google Alerts) and providing a revenue stream (via Google Adwords). I'm not going to disable the RSS feed -- the point of this is to allow people to read the content. I'm not really sure there's anything to do other than ask them to stop. I suppose I can also include a footnote on my posts to the effect of:
If you're reading this at a site other than, please DO NOT click on the advertising and support the use of stolen content.
I suspect we'll see more of this kind of thing. If this snow balls, it may become difficult at some point to discern the original author from the re-publishers. Is this something I should even care about? I suppose if I had 4 million visitors daily and my blog was my primary source of income, it would be a big deal. As it stands, I'm not sure why I'd be a target for this sort of thing since I have a very niche (but excellent) audience. This is a strange thing to be thinking about.

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