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2007: Encryption Everywhere and Phishing Attacks

Encryption Everywhere

In this article from CNET News, Jon Oltsik describes 10 things to know about info security in '07. Number 5 on his list is encryption everywhere. I agree. I admit that I didn't think much about it until joining RSA on the day that it became the security division for EMC, but there's an advancement happening in information security that shifts the focus from perimeter security to information-centric security (an EMC term). Data encryption, therefore, seems to be on everyone's hotlist for 2007. It's about protecting data where it lives -- not just in transit or while being used by a particular app.

Will Sturgeon in his article posted on silicon.com supports the premise that data needs to be protected from inside the perimeter. He quotes Jay Heiser, research VP at Gartner, as saying:
"For many organisations, the biggest risk will be insiders, not outsiders. The fact is that a significant amount of proprietary and regulated data walks out the door everyday"
In this article from Information Security magazine, Marcia Savage lays out IT priorities for 2007. She points out that in 2007 IT managers will shift toward focusing on the inside threat.

All of this data encryption will present significant challenges for Identity and Access Management professionals as well as application developers. Encrypting data means use of encryption keys which need to be managed. And determining who should have the ability to unencrypt data. And making sure that users who have rights revoked are no longer capable of performing unencryption tasks. It should present a lot of interesting discussions.

Phishing Attacks

Another commonly mentioned priority for 2007 is the prevention of Phishing attacks. For vulnerable organizations, Anti-Phish efforts will be critical.

At RSA's Phishing Reports site, you can download a copy of December's On-Line Fraud Intel Report. A quote from the report:
The number of institutions coming under attack rose to an all-time high the final month of the year, surpassing the previous high of 195 set in July. This was largely a result of fraudsters stepping up the use of security-upgrade-related cover stories in advance of the FFIEC guidance deadline in the U.S. That said, the number of brands being phished is not expected to fall off markedly in Q1 ’07.
That's nearly 200 different organizations in a single month reporting phishing scams. That means that someone you know is likely being phished for information (if you're in the U.S.).

Here's a place to find more fraud stories from the FBI and NW3C.

Happy 2007!

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Unknown said...

Great Blog. Your comment regarding application, identity and access management implication of encryption are very familiar as I deal with organizations who are addressing PCI DSS with encryption. The winner is the company who can bridge the gap between authorization, authentication, identity management, encryption with robust key management functions. Application providers/ISVs are beginning to build API driven applications that are easily integrated with a toolkit. I enjoyed your article!

D White