Monday, June 5

MaXware News

The whitepaper I mentioned previously, Identity Management in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is now available on the MaXware website.

Also, MaXware is offering a lite version of its Data Synchronization Engine free of charge through July 31, 2006. DSE Lite is a great way for organizations to build real value while getting familiar with MaXware products. It provides a flexible data synchronization solution for bi-directional sync between any two data repositories. There is also a comparison between DSE Lite and the full version of DSE.

Lastly, MaXware just released a new version of the MaXware Virtual Directory with many upgrades, including built-in connectors for SAP and These connectors enable querying and account provisioning to/from these systems over standard protocols (LDAP, SPML, DSML, etc.). Kudos to the MVD development team for a very nice release!

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